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Latest update: 03/04/2023 17:00:57

PCB. Tokyo Inc.

Making the World's Electronic Circuit Industry Sustainable with Vector Data Technology

PCB. Tokyo is a software solution vendor specializing in the electronic circuit business. Electronic circuits, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs) and semiconductors, are an integral part of today's technologically driven society, but they are also one of the industries with the highest environmental impact. With our new software solutions using vector data technology, we reduce environmental impact by rationalizing and streamlining the complex manufacturing process of electronic circuits and actively support manufacturers working on environmentally friendly production.


Sales Pitch

PCB Checker
About PCB Checker
PCB Checker connects PCB manufacturers with their customers through the cloud. It is a next-generation online submission solution that drastically reduces the time and labor during PCB data submission to quotation.
Main Functions
(1) Online viewer function
Accurate and clean vector format viewer function that solves the dialect problem of RS-274X Gerber format output from each CAD and the inherent format problem of drill data.

(2) Online data verification function
This fastest online data verification function compares the submitted data with the PCB manufacturer's recommended data standard values and instantly identifies problems.

(3) Comparison and verification function between quotation and design data
Items in quotations are unique to each company and cannot be generalized. However, this function enables advanced linkage with the quotation database.

(4) Support function for input from design data to quotation
When creating a quote using finished design data, this function helps the user enter quotation items by retrieving design data.
PCB data is previewed and checked for errors by PCB Checker automatically, so the client who designed it can confirm and make corrections. Then, the manufacturer receives the mostly corrected data and can begin production immediately.

Typically, PCB data is inspected after being converted into a raster image where the lines are ragged when enlarged, making it hard to check in detail. However, with PCB Checker, the image is rendered as vector data, so the lines are smooth and clear even when enlarged and can be checked without error.

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