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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:42

Three S Co.,Ltd.

Please entrust our company, well known for quality, with part of your company's production or assembly processes.

Since our foundation up until today, we, a group engaging in manufacturing, have operated our business to become the best partner of manufacturers. We are confident that we will make proposals that are helpful to your business.
Strong points of our company
(1) Small lot and low cost: Small lot (from one piece) and low cost (affordable prices)
(2) Integrated manufacturing in Japan: Quality and safety derived from development in our company and from manufacturing in our reliable factory in Japan
(3) Short delivery period (from development to delivery): Readiness for developing, manufacturing, and delivering products in a short period
(4) Reliable after sales service: We provide thorough maintenance.

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Sales Pitch

OEM and ODM manufacturer of lighting equipment
The two main businesses of our company are OEM and ODM in which we plan, manufacture, assemble, and deliver products, sold by our clients, in an integrated fashion. We, an OEM and ODM manufacturer of lighting equipment, have developed products in collaboration with a lot of clients.
One-stop service
We mainly operate two businesses: "OEM" in which we manufacture products to be sold by other companies and "ODM" in which we perform processes ranging from development and design to manufacturing of products to be sold by other companies.
We, an OEM and ODM manufacturer of lighting equipment, have developed highly functional, high quality, and highly unique products in collaboration with a lot of clients.  
Furthermore, we provide a "one-stop service" in which we perform product-related processes including design, manufacturing, product inspection, packaging, and shipping in an integrated fashion. We deliver products desired by our clients without bothering them. 
We would like to build trust-based relationships with a lot of clients by providing them with satisfaction and a sense of security.
Original products
Temporary lights
Our temporary lights are favored by the actual users at construction sites, etc. who evaluate them as "bright, lightweight, and durable lights." In particular, the "light projector: Super T Light 360" is designated as a product authorized for opening new business fields in Yokohama City. Our LED straight tube lights/cylinder lights are dust- and water-droplet-proof and widely used at construction sites, such as tunnel construction sites, where the environment is harsh. When multiple connectable cylinder lights are connected with each other, a wider area is illuminated. Please select the lights that suit your needs such as those for construction sites, disaster sites, and outdoor events.
UV ray disinfection lights
The effect of UV rays is that it relieves "concern about viruses as well as bacteria" and reduces "risks thereof." These days, the COVID-19 pandemic has raised an awareness of measures against infectious diseases. Under the circumstances, we thought about "what a lighting equipment manufacturer could do", and developed as well as started supplying a disinfection light, "Disinfection T Light", which incorporates UV ray lamps. "Disinfection T Light" directly irradiates UV to not only air, but also the surfaces of walls, desks, etc., to which viruses and bacteria easily attach, to disinfect them. Compared with air purifiers or wiping things, each UV ray disinfection light effectively and simultaneously disinfects a wider space and surfaces. Currently, the lights are introduced to facilities such as hospitals, nursing care facilities, and schools.
Lights for agricultural purposes
We develop and provide lights that support agriculture in Japan. The lights include LED lights for growing mushrooms, lights for supporting the growth of strawberries, and moth-preventing lights. To grow mushrooms, a highly humid environment is required. When fluorescent lamps are used for illumination, the life of the fluorescent lamp equipment tends to be short. Since our fluorescent lamp type LED lights are completely waterproof thanks to special processing, they can endure high humidity. We cooperate with farming companies which, as our company does, create things, and to which we have delivered our products, listen to their requests, and repeatedly conduct experiments. While doing these activities, we will continue to develop and provide LED lights that substitute for fluorescent lamps.
Light distribution measurement service
Light distribution measurement service
We provide "light distribution measurement service", a service for measuring how light spreads from a product under development and how the colors of the light look.
We provide "light distribution measurement service", a service for measuring how light spreads from lighting equipment and how the colors of the light look, at reasonable prices.
Since we are an OEM manufacturer, we are eager to support companies which would like to simulate light distribution from products under development.
Light distribution measured by Three S Co., Ltd.  
Our light distribution measurement system employs a "3-axis gonio stage" which can measure light distribution from lighting equipment ranging from a 40-watt bulb to 1200-mm straight tube lighting equipment. Since the detector of the system employs a highly sensitive electron cooling back incidence type spectroscope, the system is able to measure not only light distribution, but also spectral irradiance, total luminous flux, and chromaticity. We provide inspection and data required by clients at reasonable prices.


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