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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:58

KSK Co.,Ltd.

Fire-Retardant Agent and Noncombustible Water-Based Paint

Manufacture and sale of our original fire-retardant agents and noncombustible water-based paints. When applied, flammable products become non-flammable. They make recycled products non-flammable and all artificial flowers flameproof.

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Flameproof and Non-combustible
Making Plastic Products Non-combustible
You can make new products and boards, recycled from plastics such as PP resin, PET resin, and vinyl chloride resin, non-combustible by applying our non-combustible water-based paint. We have created a product that achieves the flame-retardant, quasi-incombustible, and non-combustible standards provided in the Building Standards Law.

Our non-combustible water-based paint is KS-Retardant
Making Recycled Paper and Recycled Paper Board Non-combustible
We are working to make cardboard and boards made from recycled and recyclable paper non-combustible.
Making Foam Materials Non-combustible and Artificial Flowers Flame-Resistant
Styrofoam, styrene foam, urethane foam, etc., are coated with non-combustible water-based paint to make them non-combustible. We managed to get non-combustible data by applying the right amount and treatment. 

We are also working on making artificial flowers made of PP resin and other materials flameproof and non-combustible.

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