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Latest update: 06/04/2023 16:20:45

Riken Kogyo Inc.

A manufacturer of "snow fences", which are snowstorm countermeasure products for use in cold regions

We mainly manufacture and sell snow fences, which protect against snowstorms in winter, windbreak fences, overtopping wave fences, sand fences, and avalanche fences, etc. In addition, we have wind tunnel experiment equipment, and we do visualization experiments using model snow, deposition experiments, and wind speed distribution measurements. We analyze mechanisms by reproducing snowstorms and snow accumulation conditions, and we are developing snow fences and studying snow protection measures.

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Sales Pitch

Business Introduction
Product development based on new ideas
The road traffic network in the northern prefectures is developing day by day. It is our most important lifeline, occupying a large position in our lives. Various wind and snow fences protect our roads from severe snow and wind damage. These fences are manufactured using valuable data obtained from rigorous surveys, research and development, and experiments, as a combination of technology that protects our lives.
The mechanics of blizzards are terribly complex and they constantly shift according to local circumstances and ever-changing weather conditions. Riken Kogyo Inc. analyzes these myriad conditions and proposes the most suitable products for each site.
[Manufacturing and sales]
We manufacture and sell snow fences, windbreak fences, overtopping wave fences, sand fences, entry prevention fences, avalanche prevention fences, various protection fences, highly corrosion-resistant galvanized snow plates, sand fences, delineators, and other road materials.
[Design survey]
We design various snow fences, wind fences, and snow protection facilities; do preliminary research and consideration of blizzards, snowdrifts, and visibility problems; and verify the effects through numerical simulations and wind tunnel experiments.
Initiatives for new business
Riken Kogyo Co., Ltd. has great assets including the latest equipment, a plethora of achievements, snow fences created from know-how cultivated over many years, and excellent human resources with a wealth of experience. Using our wealth of technology as a base, we are nurturing the buds of many promising new businesses.
[Weather data distribution system]
We provide accurate observation data during snowstorms through our own analysis, which is based on data from observation stations in branch offices in Hokkaido and the six prefectures in the Tohoku region.

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