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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:48


We manufacture and sell original towels and other goods

We are a company specializing in original towels and goods in the towel production center of Senshu, Osaka.

To meet your demands as they change with the times, we have expanded our own facilities and have been promoting in-house production.

From planning and proposals to delivery, we provide total production with prompt and accurate responses.

We will respond to your requests by making use of our own facilities and factory network.

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Business contents
The ability to meet lead times
In addition to our extensive in-house equipment, we have over 300 affiliated factories throughout Japan! We will make every effort to make deliveries according to your requested lead times!
High price competitiveness
Although division of labor is the mainstream approach, we pursue integrated production of towels at our own factory! (Original towels)
By eliminating intermediate costs, we can produce towels at a lower price than the market price!
Rich proposal capabilities
We have a large factory network because we can take advantage of our geographical location in a production center for towels!
We'll do our best to make proposals based on your inquiries!

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