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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:46

Fuji Electronics Industries Co.,Ltd.

"Always be creative and provide 'delightful' products"

Soon, 60 years will have passed since we started pursuing precision press processing. 
To realize clients' requirements, we fully utilize technical capabilities backed by our achievements to focus on proposal-based manufacturing, obtaining trust from our clients.

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"Precision machining components" used for automobiles and consumer equipment
Precision press components
These are our flagship products. As for dome contacts (dome-shaped springs serving as points of contact) which are key parts for switches of smartphones, we can "flexibly process" ultra thin SUS materials to achieve the properties, texture, and durability that are requested by clients. We strongly believe that this is a world-class technology.   
Furthermore, we are good at producing pressed products requiring microfabrication. We actively make technological proposals including those for mass productivity and are always cost-conscious to establish "win-win" relationships with clients.
Precision press molds
As evidence of our excellent precision press processing, our technology for processing molds produced in-house plays an important role. We abundantly put our productivity know-how into use to achieve stable production with fewer troubles, which contributes to excellent product quality.
Insert molded articles and assembled products
We have established molding technology with which precision press components are inserted and molded. We deliver mechanism elements such as those for onboard sensors and controller cases to client companies. We actively promote production automation. In some cases, we deliver insert molded articles on which electronic components are semi-assembled by us.