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Please entrust us with work ranging from transportation to installation and interim storage.

We meet various clients' needs for transportation that include transporting precut lumber, transporting as well as installing equipment and machinery, transporting various types of panels, and transporting as well as temporarily storing scaffolding materials, footing materials, and steel materials.

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Transporting precut lumber
We deal in precut lumber for various home builders. The precut lumber can be used for various constructing methods such as conventional construction, panel construction, and two-by-four construction.
We meet various needs of clients that include loading precut lumber according to the specified order, sudden changes in procedures at the construction site, and temporarily storing precut lumber.
Transportation vehicles can be selected according to application. The vehicles include 15-, 7-, 4-, 3-, as well as 2-t flat body trucks and unic vehicles.
Our strength is that we have many unic vehicles. Even if a tow truck is not available at the construction site, do not worry. We will dispatch our unic vehicle to transport clients' important products to construction sites. Each vehicle is equipped with a variety of tools for unloading to allow for swift work.  
Transporting building materials, steel materials, H-shaped steel materials, and earth retaining materials
We have many 7- to 15-t flat body trucks and unic vehicles.
We eagerly meet requests for work at night or late at night to solve clients' problems.
We boast of clean and neat vehicles.
Under the construction boom, demand for building materials, steel materials, H-shaped steel materials, and earth retaining materials is increasing. Our company is actively increasing the number of large-sized vehicles to support clients who are having trouble in finding reliable transporters. Please ask us about transportation at night or late at night. 
Transporting ALC panels and other panels
HOREST K. K. responsibly and safely transports fragile solar panels and expensive products which may cause the breakage of a suspending wire if the panel is wrongly hoisted or lowered. 
As for the transportation of ALC panels which require special slinging equipment, our drivers are accustomed to operating various slinging equipment. Cautiously, surely, and safely, we handle value-added products of clients with extreme care. 
Please entrust our skillful drivers with the transportation of delicate panels (how to load, lash, and transport the panels and other necessary work).
Transporting equipment and machinery
1. We are able to perform processes ranging from transportation to installation of expensive precision machinery.
2. We secure drivers who have a lot of experience at construction sites.
3. We actively employ persons who are qualified to operate vehicles such as those for working at high places (aerial platforms, etc.).
Since we have small-, middle-, and large-sized unic vehicles, we easily unload small precision machinery.
Transporting scaffolding and footing materials
1. We have many drivers who have detailed knowledge about scaffolding and footing materials. 
2. We eagerly meet requests for not only delivering such materials, but also picking them up at construction sites.
3. Since HOREST K. K. has a large warehouse, we eagerly store clients' scaffolding materials on a temporary basis.
The service of temporarily storing scaffolding materials is highly favored by clients who are troubled by the fact that they have no place to store picked up scaffolding materials. Since we have enough space for storing your scaffolding materials, please contact us.
Collecting and transporting industrial waste
To meet clients' needs and the needs of the times, we are going to challenge new business fields. Utilizing the variety of vehicles that we possess, we will actively obtain approval for collecting and transporting industrial waste.



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