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We are a company capable of integrated machining production of automotive parts, machine parts, and other products from material investigation to completion.

We have an integrated production system for processing automotive parts, machine parts, electric tool parts, and other products, from investigating materials to prototyping and completion.

We have both cold forging and precision cutting machining in-house, and pursue cost minimization through the optimal combination of these processes.

We make use of the technical capabilities we have cultivated over many years to propose optimal part manufacturing that will satisfy you.

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Company profile
Main products
(1) Pressure sensor parts

Our current main products are cases (housings) of various pressure sensors for automobiles.
We are actively working on improvements to increase cost competitiveness.
For irregularly shaped product numbers, we have developed an in-house deburring process that differs from conventional methods, and have established a machining process that can be completed using only a lathe.

(2) Variable valve timing parts

We are taking on the challenge of in-house production of flat and barrel polishing as well as forging and cutting, and are committed to in-house completion of manufacturing.

(3) Aluminum parts

We are also focusing on mass-producing aluminum parts to meet needs for lighter-weight automobiles and electric vehicles.
Features and strengths
(1) Comprehensive abilities

Pursuit of cost minimization through an optimal combination of high-precision cold forging and precision cutting. By combining cold forging and cutting technologies to maximize the value of our technologies, we pursue cost minimization.

Integrated in-house production that contributes to the automotive industry from materials to finished products. We employ an integrated production system from the examination of materials such as iron, stainless steel, and aluminum to prototyping and completion. With our advanced cold forging and cutting technologies, we manufacture high-quality, high-value-added products to meet increasingly complex and diverse needs.

(2) Design abilities

We respond to your needs with our unique ideas and know-how.

Based on design plans you provide, we present precise proposals using advanced simulation technology. First, we communicate closely with your engineers to gain a firm grasp of your purpose of use.

We will then make use of the know-how and database we have built up over many years to study the optimal and shortest process design for high quality and high-efficiency production.

Finally, we conduct prototyping to consider all possibilities and implement a thorough evaluation system to minimize costs and shorten lead times.
Introduction to business divisions
(1) Cold Forging Division
High-precision cold forging is a powerful tool for Monozukuri craftsmanship of high-dimensional parts and next-generation products. We have achieved significant reductions in processing time by introducing an automated production system.

<Owned equipment>
Komatsu MKN 600t
Komatsu L1C 630t
Komatsu L2C 630t Tr
Komatsu L2C 800t Tr
AIDA K1 400t
Gas incinerator
Mesh belt incinerator
And so on.

(2) Cutting Division
We can handle precision cutting from 1/100 mm to 1/1000 mm. By synthesizing the three technologies of design, cold forging, and cutting, we have been able to reduce material costs and processing time as well as achieve stable production with high quality.

<Owned equipment>
NC lathes
Machining centers
Surface grinders
Barrel grinders
Centerless grinders
Rolling machines
Dedicated tapping machines
Marking machines
Laser markers
And so on.

(3) Engineering Division and Engineering Machinery Division
We design forging processes and dies based on important drawings we receive from you. We make use of our solid experience accumulated over many years as well as repeated simulations using plastic processing analysis software (CAE), which has improved in analysis accuracy in recent years. This is how we ensure error-free designs with short lead times.

<Owned equipment>
NC lathes (interactive)
Sawing machines
Cutting machines
Milling machines
Surface grinders
NC milling machines
TIG welders
Plasma cutters
Arc welding machines
Hand notcher corner shears 3t
And so on.

(4) Quality Assurance Division
Quality assurance for manufacturing machines and technologies that are advancing all the time. High-precision inspection equipment is necessary to ensure that we meet your requirements. Our Quality Assurance Division makes full use of inspection equipment to check products to ensure reliable quality.

<Owned equipment>
Tooling microscopes
Roughness measuring equipment
Shape measuring equipment
Roundness measuring equipment
Image measuring (IM) equipment
And so on.

(5) Business Division
This division is in an important position, managing business in cooperation with all divisions within the company, and also active externally in sales.

(6) TIE Promotion Office
Total Industrial Engineering (TIE) is a production management system established with the aim of efficiently manufacturing products in the shortest possible time. To deliver the products you order even more quickly, we have introduced TIE in a wide range of areas, including manufacturing and logistics aspects. The goal is to improve quality and efficiency, leading to increased profitability.

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