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Snow Shop Kobiyama Co.,Ltd.

Change Perspectives and Make It Your Ally
Snow, a nuisance in winter, can be a great ally if used in summer.

Design and consultancy of "snow cooling," a technology to store winter snow until summer and use it as cooling energy for refrigeration and air conditioning—we are the only private company in Hokkaido specializing in snow cooling.

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Business Utilizing Coldness of Snow
Introduction of Snow Cooling
Snow can create a low temperature and high humidity environment inexpensively and stably. It has excellent potential as an alternative energy source to oil that does not emit carbon dioxide and significantly reduces electricity costs. 
・One kilogram of snow has a calorific value of 80 kcal
・One ton of snow is equivalent to about 10 liters of crude oil

[Utilization of Cooling Energy]
Snow Shop-Kobiyama, the only private snow cooling design and consulting company in Japan, has been helping local municipalities and private companies in heavy snowfall areas throughout Japan, as well as state-owned farms overseas, to store snow and ice until summer and to use it as a source of cooling energy for air-conditioning facilities and to add value to agricultural products by cultivating, preserving, and improving their taste. Most of the existing 150 snow cooling facilities in Japan are agricultural, public, or welfare facilities. However, the possible use of snow-cooling energy in ICT facilities such as data centers is attracting attention.
White Data Center Initiative
[The Goal of White Data Center (WDC)]
Snow is a nuisance for heavy snowfall areas. However, we can use the snow as cooling energy in the hot summer months by storing it.

The WDC uses a large amount of snow removed by the local municipality as snow cooling energy to reduce server cooling costs, and at the same time, reuses the exhaust heat from the servers for agricultural facilities and land-based aquaculture. The goal is to create a business network of heat around the data center and a new industrial cluster to become a data center favored by the local community. We also aim to supply electricity through locally produced energy and plan a low-cost biomass power generation project using the surrounding weeds and agricultural residues as raw materials. Utilizing snow cooling, making effective use of waste heat, and supplying electricity derived from 100% natural energy will make it possible to build a cluster of energy self-sufficient industrial complexes around the zero-emission data center. The WDC aims to be the world's first energy-independent and industrial cluster-creating data center model that coexists with a recycling-oriented society and contributes to the local economy while promoting local production for local consumption of energy (
Adding Value to Agricultural Products with Snow Cooling Energy
[Snow Food]
Preserving food using snow causes low-temperature acclimation*, which increases the sugar content and inhibits oxidation and deterioration. It also reduces the running costs and CO2 emissions required for freezing and storage. We conduct research and product development for such food preservation and processed foods made from snow-stored foods to add high value to the products. In addition, we serve as the secretariat of the Institute of Hokkaido Snow Food, which has the same goals. 
* The term "low-temperature acclimation" refers to the self-preservation function of crops when they are exposed to temperatures close to zero degrees, which converts the starch in their cells into sugar to prevent them from freezing. As a result, the sweetness of the crop is said to increase. 

Our other businesses include event support and filter cleaning and reuse. For more information, please visit our website:

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