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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:46

Kinsei Seishi.Co.,Ltd.

We are a manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics and air-laid nonwoven fabrics

We manufacture and sell nonwoven fabrics, process and sell nonwoven fabric and Japanese paper-related products, and manufacture and sell films.

We are a nonwoven manufacturer with 100 years of history, and we were the first in Japan to manufacture dry-laid nonwoven fabric using domestic equipment.

We have a system in place to respond to all customer requests, for base paper and also for secondary processing, combining, and commercialization.

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Product overview
Original nonwoven fabric
We can add functions to suit your purpose by making full use of various raw materials and manufacturing methods.

Thermal bond: A manufacturing method using thermally bonded fibers.
Chemical bond: A process that uses a chemical binder to bond fiber webs.
Spun lace: A process to bond fiber webs using high-pressure water jets.
Air laid: A sheet made by dispersing thermally bonded fibers, pulp, and other materials in air and fusing them by applying heat.
Environmentally friendly nonwoven fabrics and products
Nonwoven fabric using recycled PET fiber

PET bottles are used in large quantities in daily life. We use fibers made from collected PET bottles to make nonwoven fabrics.

We also use these nonwoven fabrics to produce finished products such as recycled drainage bags and dry wipers.

PLA (polylactic acid) fiber nonwoven fabric

This is a nonwoven fabric made of 100% polylactic acid, which is made from plant-derived starch and sugar.

It is eventually decomposed by microorganisms into carbon dioxide and water. (*Decomposed in an appropriate environment.)

Marine-biodegradable rayon nonwoven fabric

Marine-biodegradable rayon is used. This is an Earth-friendly rayon nonwoven fabric that biodegrades even in seawater.
Functional nonwoven fabric
Antibacterial, antiviral nonwoven fabric
Multilayer bulk nonwoven fabric
Plastic net composite nonwoven fabric
Ultra-thick fiber nonwoven fabric

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