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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:54

B’s STYLE Co., ltd

Adding value to our customers’ products using Internet of Things +

By adding Internet of Things to systems that our customers develop and use,
we increase product value.

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Sales Pitch

Adding value to existing products with Internet of Things
B’s AI Mosaic (Visualizing congestion)
[Product Features] This solution uses AI to recognize web camera video, and automatically modify people and cars with mosaic masks or icons.
Product Description] Allows users to easily view congestion status on their PC or smartphone without using a dedicated app or registering personal information.
[Example Product Utilization]
Installed in commercial facilities and shopping districts in order to track movement on a web page, while protecting people’s privacy.
Installed in parking lots to track traffic volume and the coming and going of cars, while protecting privacy.
Can avoid crowding of customers.
Can be introduced at low cost.
Can make use of subsidies
Can do congestion forecasting and business analysis based on past data
Toremiru / Randomiru
[Product Features] This Internet of Things solution visualizes the usage status of equipment, with the existing equipment of laundromats and gyms.
[Product Description] The product visually displays usage status, such as which machines or washers are available.  Elapsed usage time is also displayed, and machines can be used with anticipation of when they will be free, so customers can use them while avoiding crowds. This enables the management to prevent opportunity loss, such as customers not using machines or laundry washers because there are none available. 
[Example Product Utilization]
・Providing customers with the operating status of gym machines
・Providing customers with information about laundromat operations
・Can avoid crowding of customers.
・Can be introduced at low cost.
・Can make use of subsidies
・Can be used for promotions
・Can aim to increase customer satisfaction 
B's AI Patrol (past camera)
[Product Features] This B’s Style original camera solution selects and edits images using AI image analysis technology.
[Product Description] The camera with a motion detection functions photographs the movements of people and objects. Recorded videos are uploaded to our servers, and the videos are analyzed on the servers using AI technology. Based on analysis results, only what is necessary for surveillance video is displayed on the Internet. Movements of people and objects are detected automatically, and the video immediately before and after is recorded. It can cut out only the parts of a video that are necessary, and make effective use of them as recorded data.
[Example Product Utilization]
・Install in a garbage pickup area and start recording when people move.
 Reduces entry by suspicious people and eliminates illegal dumping of home electronics appliances waste, etc.
・Install in a factory to find the cause of decreases in productivity
 or the points of trouble, thereby improving productivity and preventing
・It only records parts that are necessary, so there is less pressure on data storage.
・Can be used to do checks of earlier times and dates.