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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:47

Zeemtec Co.,Ltd.

All of our employees are experts in software development.

Located in Hokkaido, we are a community-based company that designs as well as develops computer software and provides IT consulting, contract-based operation as well as maintenance of IT equipment, and contact-based calculation. Our advantage is that all of our employees are IT software developers. While attentively asking small and medium-sized companies or leading medium-sized firms about their actual situations, we provide solutions for enhancing the companies' values through DX.

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[Software development]
[Software development]
Program development
Software development
Information security consulting
IT network construction
IT consulting
Development support
SES (System Engineering Service)
Business transaction results
Retailers and distribution companies in Sapporo City: Updating mission-critical systems and developing business support tools
Electronic manufacturers: Progress management system for manufacturing factories
Public organizations: Supporting system design and development
Educational institutions (universities): System development support
[System of contract-based calculation]
Designing standard computing for Hokkaido
Contract-based design of the computing of sluice ways, gutter pipes, and drainage ditches as requested by Hokkaido
Contract-based design of structures
Supporting the creation of design drawings of concrete structures
[Member organization]
We are a member of the UOS GROUP.
<What is the UOS GROUP?>
(1) UOS = User Oriented Systems Group
(2) The UOS GROUP aims to provide IT services while considering users' perspectives.
(3) The UOS GROUP is a group of IT-related companies involved in the IBM market business.
(4) With the spirit of "cooperation contained in competition", the UOS GROUP companies compete with each other to grow further.
<Philosophy of the UOS GROUP>
(1) Contribute to the growth of society through the provision of IT services.
(2) Directly or indirectly contribute to the business development of each member company.
(3) Contribute to business activation in the IBM market through the provision of IT services.