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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:53

Nihon Toshokan Kaihatsu

We will create libraries that contribute to the economy.

We are creating libraries that contribute to the economy. Examples include Japan's first large-scale manga library using the manga decimal classification system, a language rehabilitation library in collaboration with a speech pathologist, a multilingual driving school library, and a study room library that doubles as a co-working space.

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Exporting Japanese Culture
Manga Library + Japanese Language School
By placing Japanese manga and local language versions of the same work in libraries worldwide, we will export manga, the pride of Japan, to all regions in the form of libraries. It will generate global demand for Japan's shrinking publishing industry. The manga library will also have light novels.
Toy Libraries
We will build social education facilities that will help improve health by promoting toy libraries, especially in cold regions where people tend to stay home. The term "toy" here includes game software. They accommodate e-sports tournaments as well. The facilities will be designed for all ages, from the elderly to children.

There had been no dedicated decimal classification for toys. That is why we came up with the Japan Toy Decimal Classification System.
Libraries That Contribute to Hospital Management
Until now, libraries for hospital patients could not be billed for medical service fees, so they were considered useless or a burden on management and did not spread as widely as in the West. Therefore, we will create a "profitable library" that speech therapists and occupational therapists can use as a speech rehabilitation library and bill medical service fees. The library will also provide shelving training for ADHD patients and transliteration training at the psychiatric hospital to help patients reintegrate into society.






日本図書館開発 開発報 第五号 原稿(日本自動車教習所十進分類法).pdf

日本図書館開発 開発報 第六号(日本学校博物館十進分類法).pdf

日本図書館開発 開発報 第七号(日本おもちゃ十進分類法).pdf







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