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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:47

Johokukogyo Co.,Ltd.

In-house production of Roll Masker curing tape

We have developed our own curing sheet with adhesive tape for architectural painting, which is a combination of adhesive tape and sheeting. It is used for various needs in Japan and around the world under the Roll Masker® brand, including architectural painting, automobile painting, protection of building materials, and housing facilities.

We have a large lineup of products, but we can also develop and manufacture custom-made products to meet your needs when it is difficult to use existing products.

Our Roll Masker® supports the entire coating industry from behind the scenes.

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Sales Pitch

Perforated Roll Masker
We can wind Roll Masker® while perforating the sheet at intervals (in mm) that meet your requirements.

Perforation makes it possible to cut the masker without using a cutter, which improves user safety and prevents damage to the adhesion target.

This product is mainly used for painting of new car bumpers and other applications where masking is done at regular intervals, and it greatly improves workability.
Vapor Barrier (moisture-proof sheet, JIS A6930 compliant)
This is used in new houses to enhance the effect of moisture-proofing and airtightness between exterior and interior walls.

The product generally available on the market is 2m wide by 50m long and weighs 10kg, which is not easy to handle when curing a wall surface, and this reduces work efficiency.

Our processing technology has enabled us to create a compact size of 2.4m wide by 2m long, and weighing 400g. There is an adhesive layer on the upper layer, which enables temporary fixing while curing in the horizontal direction.
Message from the CEO (efforts to develop sales channels in the future, how we will use J-GoodTech, etc.)
We hope to use J-GoodTech to propose Roll Masker®, which is a combination of adhesive tape and sheeting, to customers in industries we have not had business transactions with before.

As a pioneer in the masker industry, we will continue to produce Roll Masker® products that satisfy your needs.

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