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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:54

Plug-in Inc.

Our company is an intermediary that brings people and computers together.

We are a company that examines and proposes necessary systems to customers not specializing in systems, from system-related consulting to post-implementation support.

We support your business through contract development and package development and sales.

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Plug-ins are ready-made template packages developed assuming that they will be customized. This makes it possible to develop various systems by subdividing and combining core business functions such as sales, accounting, and inventory.

Since the core of the system has already been completed (and can be customized), they are characterized by shorter lead times and lower costs than with existing packages.

In addition, to eliminate discrepancies with our business operations, we focus on interviews, and at the stage of requirement definition, we will show you images of the screen and let you operate the system as necessary.

We have also heard from clients who have actually introduced our systems that they found it easy to visualize them. We have received feedback that they fit their business well.
Plug-ins Cloud
Our Plug-ins Cloud is a service that operates systems on the Internet in the same way as general cloud services, but it provides completely original software based on our Plug-ins packages, as well as original hardware specifications and network configurations.

We provide one-of-a-kind cloud services, including the selection of unique system specifications that cannot be achieved with rental servers, and network configurations that take your actual operation into consideration.
IoT and embedded development
We conduct IoT development that implements communication functions and protocols on hardware, firmware development for measuring instruments, and system development for various communication GW and control devices.

IoT is not only about the device side. We also develop analysis software to visualize the collected data.

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