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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:54


Manufacture, Sales, and Repair of Machine Tools

We are committed to manufacturing products that meet the needs of our customers, including highly rigid, high-precision horizontal boring and milling machines, facing centers, and various specialized machines. Using the technology and know-how we have accumulated over the past 100 years, we provide custom-made devices that meet the needs of every customer.

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Product Information
[Machine Tool] Table/Planer Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine
Main spindle diameter: 110 mm to 135 mm
The horizontal boring machine can accommodate a wide range of customer needs, from small to large workpieces. Special specifications such as various stroke changes are also available
[Machine Tool] Floor Type Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine
In combination with a large rotary table and surface plate, this horizontal boring machine boasts high rigidity and heavy-duty cutting, specializing in machining very large workpieces. We will choose X-axis and Y-axis strokes according to your workpiece. Special specifications such as opposed type and portable type are also available.
[Machine Tool] Facing Center
A variety of machining is possible with a single work attachment. It realizes a high-precision heavy cutting that is impossible with an attachment-type faceplate. The spindle diameter, faceplate diameter, and table size can be selected to suit the workpiece. We can also design and manufacture products according to customer needs.
[Machine Tool] Rotary Table
Table dimensions: 1,800 mm x 2,000 mm - 3,000 mm x 3,000 mm
Maximum loading weight: 12,000 kg - 50,000 kg
We also accept orders for rotary tables only. The table size, load capacity, stroke, etc., can be customized to your application. Special specifications such as portable type or replacing existing rotary tables are also available.
[Environmental Equipment] Linear Blade Moving Type Automatic Bag Opener
It is an automatic bag-opening machine with a space-saving design. The straight blade cuts the bag sharply, and the high-pressure air inside the bag dramatically increases the rate of dispensing the content.
[Environmental Equipment] Bag Cleaner
The air blow and nozzle tapping system clean wrinkles, dents, perforations, and folded parts of bags, which are difficult to clean with the conventional brush method. It supports HACCP by thoroughly guarding against foreign substances and bacteria.