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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:56


We design and manufacture automotive part production systems that use industrial robots

The robot systems manufactured by our company are used by almost all automobile manufacturers in Japan. In addition, our engineers in charge of manufacturing go to various parts of the world to install, test run, and adjust our production systems, and this service is highly evaluated. Our products are delivered to the US, the UK, China, India, Southeast Asia, and South America, and we are actively promoting our overseas strategy as a global enterprise that targets the world.

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Integrated production system
We have a unique integrated system that covers everything from production system study and design with 3D CAD as our core tool to part processing, assembly, trials, and delivery. We provide higher-quality, lower-cost products in a speedy manner.
Thorough quality assurance
We divide the workload and improve efficiency, which realizes reduced labor. In addition, to prevent defects from occurring in post-processing, we require 3D measurement using Faro and layout machines, regardless of whether the customer requests it or not. This enables us to achieve high efficiency and high quality.
Monozukuri craftsmanship from the viewpoint of use
We are able to realize product production in the actual layout at our trial factory, and you can try it out until you are satisfied. We are equipped with a trial power supply that can be used for domestic Japanese power, and also for voltages from all over the world. We can change between four different voltages with a single touch.