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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:55

HI CAST Co.,Ltd.

We use pig iron (FC, FCD) to manufacture sand mold castings, high-quality and essential safety parts, large items, and high-mix low-volume products

Casting is the process of making elaborate wooden molds based on drawings provided to us, forming metal molds based on the wooden molds, injecting molten metal mixed to have the desired characteristics, and finishing the items to make machine parts. We are highly regarded by many companies for the high quality of our products, which are created by combining old and new technologies, and for our delivery management and quality assurance using IT technology.

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Introducing our technology
Solidification analysis
We use our solidification analysis software to design plans for critical security parts and products with complex shapes. By visualizing defects inherent in a product, highly accurate defect prediction is possible. This enables us to manufacture even higher-quality products and significantly shorten the lead time from start-up to mass production.
High strength ductile cast iron
H-FCD800 is a new material that achieves the high strength of FCD800 without heat treatment and without casting.
In addition, H-FCD800 is a patented technology licensed through a technical alliance with Ome Casting Co., Ltd. This material is handled by only four companies including JFE Pipe Fitting Mfg. Co., Ltd., Tomotetsu Co., Ltd., and our company. 
The main features of the patented material (H-FCD800 high-strength nodular graphite cast iron) are as follows.

(1) Machining can be performed in a high-hardness state.
The machinability can be checked by small-diameter hole tapping and gear cutting. Cost reduction from cast steel or austempered ductile iron (ADI) is possible due to its excellent machinability.

(2) Suppresses hydrogen embrittlement.
Hydrogen embrittlement is a phenomenon in which the strength (strength and toughness) of cast iron is reduced by hydrogen absorbed in the cast iron. Our cast iron suppresses this phenomenon, which is thought to be due to the segregation of Cu around graphite.

(3) Excellent abrasion resistance.
The superior abrasion resistance compared to cast steel of the same hardness is thought to be due to the fact that lubricating oil and carbon blend together.

(4) Great advantage over steel in damping performance.
Superior damping performance is a characteristic of cast iron, and this is thought to be due to the influence of carbon.
Large-scale thin casting
While continuing with our high-mix low-volume production, our company has cultivated unique technological capabilities that no other company can match by boldly taking on the challenge of even the most difficult products.
We are particularly proud of our thin-walled products.
In June 2020, we began selling PIZZA EGG, the first product of our original MARUIMONO brand, which brings together all of our technological capabilities.

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