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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:01


Total Supplier of Pallets and Logistics Equipment

Our company is a manufacturer and direct distributor of logistics pallets. With quality first, we provide products and services safely, quickly, reasonably, and smoothly. We have factories in China and Southeast Asia with employees stationed there to meet our customers' demands for quality and price. We are running an environmentally friendly business by mainly using wooden logistics equipment.

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Wooden Pallets and Frames
Manufacture and Sales of Wooden Pallets
Manufacture of wooden pallets: The pallets can be made of Hokkaido larch or various other materials. Heat-treated pallets for export and pallets in special sizes are also available.
Wooden Pallet Repair
We provide maintenance and repair services for wooden pallets. Repairing them can dramatically extend the life of the pallet.
Wooden Frame Packaging
Your goods will be packed for safe transportation. We can also pack large items, so please feel free to contact us.
Plastic Pallets
Sales of Plastic Pallets
As an agent for major manufacturers, we handle various types of plastic pallets.
Cleaning of Plastic Pallets
We have an automatic washing facility, allowing us to keep your pallets clean. 
Repair of Plastic Pallets
Repair service for damaged pallets is available. We will check the damage to see if we can help. Please feel free to contact us first.
Other Businesses
Commercial Warehouse
We can store your belongings and manage their entry and exit. Please consult with us about the cost.
Sales of Imported Pallets
High-quality, high-strength pallets made of South Sea wood (MLH) are available for sale. We consign manufacturing to our partner factory in Indonesia and import and sell the pallets. Please consult with us about price and delivery.
Sales of Steel Logistics Equipment
Our joint venture in China manufactures steel logistics equipment. The latest equipment introduced there allows us to provide high-quality products at a low cost. We distribute the products to users in Japan and all over the world. Please feel free to contact us.
Manufacture and Sales of Ship Outfittings.
We manufacture and deliver outfittings to major shipbuilding companies. The products are manufactured at our joint-venture factory in China, and other small-lot products and customized products are manufactured at our factory in Japan.