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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:49

TSK Inc.

Our patented PIERD technology eliminates the need for the symbol printing process and achieves high resolution and positioning accuracy.

We design, manufacture, and sell various printed circuit boards. We support high-mix low-volume production through integrated management of all processes. We realize ultra-short lead times for product development from the production of a single prototype, and help you with the transition to low-cost mass production.

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General rigid circuit boards (penetrating through hole)
Double-sided circuit boards, multi-layer circuit boards (4 layers to 12 layers) 
Specifications: min. L/S = 100μm/100μm; min. TH diameter = diameter 0.25 finished, min. annular ring = 0.1mm per side
BVH (Blind Via Hole) circuit boards
A through-hole opening on only one side of the surface layer allows connection only between the surface layers. In addition, flat pad vias can be formed.
Impedance circuit boards
We perform impedance control by controlling the pattern width and interlayer thickness. Using Polar Si8000 impedance calculation software, we can propose an appropriate layer configuration, line width, and line spacing at the pattern design stage. We can also provide impedance measurement results (using the TDR method) of the completed board using Polar CITS880.
PIERD circuit boards
This new method is the first in the industry to achieve smooth symbol marks without unevenness. Patent obtained. This new method incorporates symbols into the solder resist layer by exposure, rather than using the conventional printing method. It eliminates the need for a symbol printing process and achieves high resolution and positioning accuracy.
Metal masks, mounting jigs
Metal masks
With a wide variety of products, we produce highly functional metal masks to meet customer needs.  
SMT boards (FPC transport pallets) 
Heat-resistant pallets for transporting FPC boards and thin boards. Special heat-resistant treatment is applied to the pallet to maintain its flatness without warping even in the reflow furnace.
It can be used for a long time.  
Dip pallets 
Dip pallets with high heat resistance that enable soldering only in the desired area.