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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:07

SHUEI Co.,Ltd.

We produce and sell recycled paper containers.

Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of Hokkaru®, a recyclable paper container that helps improve the efficiency of waste separation and collection and reduce waste. The raw materials comply with laws and various standards. Antimicrobial film is used to ensure safety.

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Features of Hokkaru
It is easy to separate.
The inner film and outer paper containers can be separated by anyone, anytime, anywhere, without special equipment. In addition, the separated paper container can be easily unfolded back into a single sheet of paper.

A small space is enough to store and transport them for recycling. The film is disposed of, and the paper is recycled into recycled paper. The film does not produce dioxin or other harmful substances when incinerated.
It helps reduce waste.
Comparing Hokkaru with other recyclable eco-trays*, paper recycling routes have long been established, and paper can be quickly and inexpensively recycled anywhere in Japan.
* Eco-trays: Trays with a small environmental impact, such as being recyclable or made of non-wood paper.

While the cost of waste disposal is getting higher every year, the cost of waste disposal at Osaka's Nakanoshima Festival* has been cut in half in three years from about 800,000 yen as a result of a recycling campaign centered on Hokkaru.
*Nakanoshima Festival: A citizens' festival that began in 1973. It attracts 500,000 visitors over three days.
The container is warm inside as well as to the touch.
You can enjoy the warm touch unique to paper. The cardboard structure of the paper provides high heat retention due to the air layer. The film is heat-resistant enough to hold freshly fried food. There is no unpleasant smell when the lid is opened. It is also microwave safe.
The shape and design can be flexible.
The material is paper. You can create any shape and design you like.
Original containers are available from 20,000 units.
Naturally, it is safe.
The paper is made of 100% virgin pulp. It does not contain any toxic metals or fluorescent materials derived from recycled paper. The films and adhesives also comply with the Food Sanitation Law, the standards for foods and additives, and the standards for containers and packaging. The film also has antibacterial properties.

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