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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:47

AB Co.,Ltd.

We are an injection molding die manufacturer with one of the highest levels of technology in the industry.

We are a manufacturer of injection molding dies. We provide integrated services from mold design, part manufacturing, assembly, and sample product molding to inspection and measurement. We can provide heat treatment dies with more than 1 million shots as well as prototype dies with extremely short lead times.

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Resin mock-up (prototype) manufacturing services
Our group company AB Model provides mock-up models that are strictly faithful to the drawings, by using optical molding, resin machining, and vacuum casting.
We also have 3D scanners, so we can manufacture mock-ups from actual products.
Injection molding die (mass-production die, prototype die) manufacturing services
In Japan, we have a manufacturing system centered on our Shirakawa Plant, and we can provide heat treatment dies that exceed 1 million shots as well as prototype dies with ultra-short lead times.
Overseas, we provide the same dies as in Japan for reasonable priced from Kunshan Aibi in East China and Zhuhai Aibi in South China.
Whether in Japan or China, we provide dies based on our 40 years of know-how.
Mass-production molding of injection molding products, and coating/printing services
We handle mass-production injection molding, coating, printing, laser processing, and secondary processing.
We have various types of molding machines for prototyping at our base in Japan, ranging from 50t to 650t, so we can handle small-lot production and pre-production. 
Kunshan Aibi provides mass-production molding ranging from 30t to 450t.
Die part/metal part manufacturing services
We manufacture die parts, and also handle various metal processing and parts. We can provide metal parts in any quantity.
Our manufacturing bases are die factories and prototype factories in Japan and abroad.
Die design, product design, 3D modeling, and other production services
We provide product design support, die design, and 3D modeling, whether 2D or 3D. These services are provided at our bases in Japan and abroad.
In particular, Zhuhai Aibi is the center of our design business, with a staff of over 100 people.
Naturally, we take all possible measures to ensure confidentiality, and we build a server for each customer, with no external access, and work on hardware with no magnetic devices or USB memory attached.
Inspection and measurement services
We perform inspection and measurement of molded products, metal parts, and so on.
This service started out as a division of our company to measure our own molded products and to guarantee our die parts, but we have now started external sales of our measurement services.
We have staff for 3D measuring instruments and microscopic measuring instruments that you won't find at other companies.