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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:21:57

Ryoushinunnyu Co.,Ltd.

Supporting the Community through Logistics Behind the Scenes

We meet all kinds of transportation needs for customers, mainly in Kobe, including raw materials, used paper, foodstuffs, machinery for export, and construction materials. Our safety-first and environmentally friendly transportation services support Japan's distribution system.

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General Cargo Transportation Business
We safely deliver all kinds of domestic goods such as raw materials, used paper, foodstuffs, and machinery for export to our customers.

・Business description
General merchandise transportation business (liquid sugar, soy sauce, steel, used paper, and other general merchandise)

・Vehicle type
ISO tank containers, wing vehicles, and flatbed vehicles
Warehousing Business
Our warehouses are located on Port Island, the center of Kobe Port, one of the international trading ports, making it an ideal location for domestic and international logistics. These are environmentally friendly warehouses having a solar power system introduced to reduce CO2 emissions.
Construction Material Transportation Business
・Ready-mixed concrete transportation
It is the transportation of ready-mixed concrete for construction sites. Not all sites are large enough for large vehicles to pass through. Safety is our top priority, and we make it a rule not to drive by guesswork and get out of the car to check areas we cannot see. In addition, we are actively working to reduce CO2 emissions by stopping wasteful idling.

・Cement transportation
We are responsible for the management and operation of the Kobe Service Station of Ube-Mitsubishi Cement Corporation and transportation services.

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