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Ajikura Delivers the Delicious Taste of Hakata

Ajikura is a food specialty shop featuring famous products from Kyushu. Hidden gems from all over Kyushu, exceptional delicacies made from carefully selected ingredients, dainty foods made by artisans who pursue good taste and safety — we have carefully chosen only the most authentic flavors that are hard to find.

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Karashi Mentaiko (spicy pollock roe flavored with red pepper)
At Ajikura, we only use mature pollock roe of good quality, color, and shape caught in a very limited time and place to make our mentaiko. Typically, the roe is removed from the pollock after it is landed for processing, but we process the pollock right where it is caught. Because we process the pollock on the ocean, we can deliver the natural flavor of the pollock without compromising its freshness until it is made into karashimentaiko. We hope you try our mentaiko made with the best freshness, taste, shape, and processing possible.
Motsunabe (hot pot stew made with offal and vegetables)
Motsunabe is a famous local dish in Hakata. "I want to have the same taste of motsunabe that I had when I visited Fukuoka." In response to such requests, Ajikura has prepared two types of retort pouch motsunabe, "Ago Dashi Shoyu" and "Shiro Miso," to make it easy for you to enjoy motsunabe at home. These products are retorted and can be stored at room temperature.
Hakata Ago Dashi (soup stok) with flying fish
It is a popular product in Hakata, where it is reputed to be tastier than dashi made with a lot of effort and money. The standard soup stock for Hakata Zoni is "yaki-ago," which is grilled flying fish. Flying fish landed in Goto and Hirado in Nagasaki Prefecture are grilled over charcoal while still fresh, dried in the sun, and ground whole, including the bones.

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