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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:50


We manufacture processed products with Shimonoseki's specialty whale meat and fugu puffer fish

We are a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of processed marine products, including whale, which is characteristic of Shimonoseki as the best place for whale, fugu puffer fish, frozen fish, and surimi ground fish.
We manufacture a wide range of products such as whale sashimi, whale bacon, whale tail, salted whale, and so on.

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Introducing our products
Processed whale and fugu puffer fish
Whale curry and fugu puffer fish curry have become popular new specialties. Whale stew, fugu rice porridge, grilled fugu, and more.
We also offer delicacies such as grilled fugu fin, whale sausage, and fugu sausage. We have a variety of processed and retort pack foods and other products made from whale and fugu, such as fugu with green tea over rice, zosui rice-based soup, and mixed rice.
Fish fillets and other processed marine products for business use
We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of various processed marine products for business use, such as fish fillets, frozen fried fish, fried fish, boiled and seasoned fish, and so on. We also take orders for OEM production.
Quality control system
To deliver safe products to our customers, we use carefully selected materials and manufacture our products in our hygienic factory, and we also conduct thorough quality control.