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Latest update: 21/06/2022 15:26:26

Maruyoneseika Co.,Ltd.

Safe, secure, and healthy traditional Arare rice crackers made from Japanese paddy glutinous rice

The main ingredient is 100% domestic Japanese paddy glutinous rice, and no chemical seasonings are used. Our Arare rice crackers are excellent products that maximize the flavor of glutinous rice, the taste of the ingredients, and the quality of the production.

All our products are carefully made every day at our head office factory located at the foot of fertile mountains (110 meters above sea level) in the southern part of the Tonami Plain in Toyama Prefecture.

Instead of using ordinary non-glutinous rice, we use domestically produced Japanese paddy glutinous rice, which is safe and wholesome.

These are traditional Arare rice crackers that let you savor the original taste of the ingredients.

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Product introduction
Arare rice crackers with Japanese glass shrimp
Arare rice crackers with Japanese glass shrimp, made with meticulous care for the taste of the materials

Japanese glass shrimp live in an undersea valley in Toyama Bay, which is a natural fish tank. They have a clear, pale-pink color and are known as the jewels of Toyama Bay. The dough is made from 100% domestic Japanese glutinous rice from the fertile Nanto region surrounded by beautiful mountains, and using deep underground water pumped up from 100 meters below the ground. The dough is combined with Japanese glass shrimp from Toyama Bay and baked carefully one by one. This is a special kind of Arare that brings out the best flavor of the ingredients.
Toyama Kaki Mochi rice cakes
This is our long-selling product, which we have been making for 50 years. The texture is light and resistant to moisture, and the rice cake flavor is fresh, sweet, and fragrant. No chemical seasonings are used.
Sugao sticky rice crackers
Our new body-pleasing "Sugao" product made of 100% domestic Japanese glutinous rice is now available in packaging with a fastener for preservation.

We deliberately add no seasoning so you can enjoy the taste of the ingredients.
You can arrange it in various menus, such as floating it in soup, adding it to Zenzai red bean soup, or cooking it with rice.