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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:23:00

World Business Center Co.,Ltd.

We provide total support for our customers with ICT solutions

Since its founding, our company has grown together with customers by providing the solutions they need through information technology, working on digital transformation with them. Nowadays, the world is becoming increasingly globalized, and the needs for information technology are diversifying. Everything in society is connected by networks and is fully incorporated as part of our daily lives. Companies are adopting advanced technologies such as IoT and AI systems to promote new business models and revenue growth. World Business Center will propose services that meet the needs of such customers with the latest information technology and provide services ranging from the construction of safe and secure information systems to their operation.

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System Development, IT Infrastructure, and Products
Client Virtualization Solutions
With the government accelerating the promotion of telework due to the advancement of diverse work styles and the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), there is an urgent need to create an environment where people can work from any place at any time. Regarding the issues for those in charge, such as the outline and effects of what should be done and what technologies to use while ensuring security, WBC's client virtualization solutions address them in a one-stop manner, covering everything from system design and construction to post-implementation support.

Our client virtualization system is available in two types: on-premise and private cloud. Both are occupancy-based systems favored in the domestic market and will be delivered via VDI and SBC methods. 

In terms of support, we offer a Racdes Service that provides full support from system maintenance to post-implementation system operation and management upon request. Also available is our PoC Support Service to support the preliminary evaluation and verification of client virtualization system implementation in customer environments.
Business System Development and Support
WBC's business system development and support services cover a wide range of fields, including finance, medicine, distribution, manufacturing, services, and education. With our know-how cultivated over many years and experienced and proven engineers, we will develop and support systems that meet all your needs. We can develop custom-made systems according to your needs, or provide resident system development support where we work together with you. Our first priority in delivering services is to improve the operating effectiveness of our customers.
Offshore Development (WBC Offshore Outsourcing Service)
We want to reduce development and operation costs, which are skyrocketing due to the shortage of IT engineers in Japan.
We need to secure excellent engineers, but IT engineers are hard to find in Japan.
We want to outsource software development, but our budget is tight due to the rising cost of outsourcing.
Offshore development vendors are hard to evaluate, and we are undecided about which one to outsource to.
We are already working on offshore development but have not been able to achieve results in terms of quality and productivity.
We are looking for a good development base to hedge the risk of offshore development.

=> WBC Offshore Outsourcing Service (WOOS) will support your success with the most suitable service plan for your various concerns.