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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:44


For everyone to shine brightly, both the carers and the cared for.

We have developed a specially shaped medication aid container that makes it easy to take any medication without spilling. Even the elderly and physically challenged can take medication easily, and our container can be disinfected with chemicals and boiled, which is excellent for hygiene.
This product is designed for people to take medication safely, securely, and reliably as a measure to prevent infection.

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Sales Pitch

NOME-RU, a medicine container that makes it easy to take medicine without spilling
Productized in Toyama, famous for medicine, based on the needs of nursing and caring sites
The narrow tip makes it easy for the elderly and infants to put medicine in their mouth, and the concave shape at the center fits their hands, making it possible to finely adjust the speed of taking medicine. The low height of the wall surface prevents it from hitting the nose, so medicine can be taken without leaving any residue. The shallow, flat shape makes it easy to check the amount of medicine. The product is colorful, which makes taking medication fun, and it is easy to identify the medicine even for those with poor eyesight. The compact size makes it easy to carry in one hand. The slant at the part that is put in the mouth keeps the product hygienic. It is made of high-strength plastic to withstand disinfection.
Commendation and appearance in the media
Presentation at the 18th Japan Society of Risk Management for Clinical Medicine academic conference and academic meeting 
Awarded with the Kitanihon Shimbun President's Prize at the 58th Toyama Prefecture Invention and Ingenuity Exhibition 
Live appearance on Toyama City FM in January 2021 
Lectured at the Medical Seminar in Hokuriku, hosted by Terumo Corporation, in February 2021 
Published in "Safe Medical Science" issued by Health Inc. in May 2021

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