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Latest update: 22/11/2021 13:22:50


Bone Conduction Technology Company for the Hearing Impaired

Our company develops, manufactures, sells, and consults on hearing aids and hearing loss prevention devices for the hearing impaired, based on our original bone conduction technology. We are looking for partner companies that can promote the business with us regarding joint development of products (new business) and sales of current products.

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Vibone Nezu Bone Conduction Sound Collector
The device is ideal for hearing support for people with mild to moderate hearing loss (conductive hearing loss).
There are two ways in which sound travels when we hear: air conduction and bone conduction. Air conduction is what we generally recognize as the route where "air vibrations shake the eardrum and transmit the vibrations to various organs in the ear." On the other hand, bone conduction is a route where "specific vibrations are transmitted through human body tissues such as bones and skin to individual organs in the ears."

Our products use unique bone conduction technology (patented) developed through years of research and are especially effective for people who cannot hear sound through acoustic devices that transmit sound by air vibration (conductive hearing loss).

Since almost all hearing support devices in the world are air conduction products (transmitting sound by air vibration), our company, which employs bone conduction, is different in this respect.

We can provide daily hearing support for people who think they are losing their hearing, have hearing loss in one ear, or have conductive hearing loss.