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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:54


If You Need a Grinder, Cutter, or Scriber


Sales Pitch

For Machine Tools for Research and Development
Grinding Device
Musashino Denshi has made various improvements to its precision grinding devices in the drive system and rigidity based on our system design know-how cultivated over the years. The grinding devices generate minimal vibration and noise and can grind sample materials in any situation. By selecting a specimen holding unit and specimen holder suitable for the sample to be processed, we realized a polishing process that meets a variety of sample shapes and processing objectives. Even irregularly shaped pieces, which the standard holder cannot handle, can be processed using custom-made items. Also, with the selection of the appropriate grinder and abrasive, the machine can polish a variety of specimens, from rough grinding to mirror finish and CMP (chemical mechanical polishing). It is equipped with functions, such as an interlock mechanism, a leakage breaker, and an emergency stop switch to ensure the operator's safety during grinding operations.
Diamond Wire Saw
The CS series diamond wire saws are compact diamond wire saws ideal for research and development. Since the impact of cutting is minimal and the cutting allowance is small, it enables smooth cutting with minimal burrs and chipping even with brittle or precious samples, samples for electron microscope observation, small samples for measurement and observation, and medium-sized samples of about 100 mm.
Blade Cutting Machine
The MPC series precision blade saws have achieved specimen-friendly cutting with a step feed function and a cutting system with a balanced weight. In addition, the small desktop size makes it easy to cut in a small space or relocate the machine. We offer a variety of jigs to suit the specimen, such as waxed or resin-embedded specimens. Also, the unit can handle various cutting situations when used with an Laue attachment or custom-made jigs.


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