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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:45

SK Fine CO.,LTD.

We propose possibilities for the future combining 3D modeling technology and ceramic materials.

We sell 3D ceramic printers (3D optical molding equipment), manufacture and sell ceramic molding parts, handle commissioned and joint development, and perform commissioned molding.

Based on the photochemical equipment and material formulation technology (classification, agitation, molding) that we have developed, we offer manufacturing and sales from molding equipment of ceramic parts as well as R&D to meet market needs.

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Business overview
We manufacture and sell Japan's first 3D printer for ceramics, which enables us to produce specially shaped parts that had been difficult to produce using conventional molding methods.

We are also engaged in contract molding, application development, and joint development using 3D printers.

In addition to ceramics, please consult us about molding composite materials and functional materials.
SZ Series ceramic 3D modeling system
Our ceramic 3D modeling system is a stacking system using the optical molding method.

A ceramic slurry is created by mixing ceramic powder such as alumina and zirconia in our original UV-curing resin, and then a green body is created by laser irradiation while stacking each layer one after the other.

After that, the material is cleaned and degreased before being sintered to create the completed molded product.

It is possible to create molded products that are difficult to produce with microfabrication using current molding methods and machining processes as well as distinctive 3D modeling objects.
Contract molding services
We take on prototype modeling of corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, insulating, and other materials that are difficult to produce with resin or metal parts and that are only possible with ceramics.

Please contact us for materials other than ceramics.
We also take on joint development, material development, and other projects using this method as required.