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Latest update: 25/05/2022 11:33:56

TAS Co. Ltd.

Our company was established in 1977, and we operate a wide range of businesses supported by our three pillars of engineering, IT, and trading.

We have been involved in operation, maintenance, periodic inspection work, and so on related to nuclear facilities. Currently, we are working on acquiring decontamination technology, waste management, and dismantling technology for nuclear facilities, and accumulating technologies related to decommissioning.

We are also working to strengthen our various engineering services, such as delivering energy saving-related products and equipment and construction of facility improvement projects for private sector customers, by making use of the experience and technology we have cultivated to date.

Our information division is our other main business. It provides all kinds of computer-related services such as equipment sales, software development and operation, network system construction, hardware maintenance, ALC and WiFi installation, and so on. We aim to provide optimal solutions to become a true partner to our customers.

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Business contents
[Engineering department] Engineering for energy and environmental facilities
We offer one-stop services from design to construction and maintenance for environment-related construction works, centering on purification facilities, and security measures for power plant facilities.
[SI department] Development, sales, and maintenance of information system-related products
We have three professional groups that work in unison to develop optimal system proposals, construction, and post-operational support: SA (proposal-based sales), SE (system development and construction), and CS (hardware maintenance and construction).

So far, we have specialized in IT infrastructure construction for local governments and CAI implementation support for the education sector. We plan to enter the AI and IoT fields in the future.

Recently we have also been developing applications, which are being used by many people.
[Commercial department] Sales of logistics materials, raw materials, etc.
A "coordinator" is a person who thinks through issues on a daily basis, identifies potential problems that you are unaware of, and matches you with "the right product" from a wide variety of suppliers to solve your problems.

We also promote the 3Rs in our environmental awareness and actively develop sales activities that contribute to a recycling-oriented society.

Our sales activities cover a wide range of areas in the Kansai, Hokuriku, and Tokai regions.

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