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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:40

Daiwa Tsushin Co.,Ltd.

Monitoring the Future

In order to realize the "Super City Concept" set forth by the Cabinet Office, we are developing products based on keywords such as face recognition, autonomous driving, behavior analysis, AI, and the IoT. We are working to create safe cities and protect future lifestyles where everyone can feel secure.

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We provide security solutions using AI and other technologies to meet customer needs
"Face Four" AI body temperature detection system development
As a measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we developed the "FaceFour" non-contact AI face recognition terminal with body temperature detection functionality. This was done by combining our expertise in temperature measurement sensors and AI authentication systems. This product can be installed at the entrance of medical institutions, factories, office buildings, and so on. Based on pre-registered personnel information, it can monitor the body temperature of personnel while managing entry and exit. You can restrict access to the building by personnel with a high body temperature due to possible infection.
"SeDAI" AI behavior detection system development
We developed this system such that AI cameras installed in a store will detect the characteristic movements of shoplifters and automatically send notifications to the smartphones of shop clerks to thoroughly alert them to suspicious persons. This is how we will realize an era of security in which criminals do not arise, instead of security by logging crimes. In stores where the system has been installed, the loss ratio has actually been reduced by half, and its effectiveness has been recognized mainly by retailers.




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