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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:33

E-minimo Inc.

The micro EV developed for business (delivery) use

"BATORA" is the micro EV that continues evolving.

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Sales Pitch

You can replace an engine-equipped bike with "EV BATORA" without any sense of incongruity.
Driving performance that is the same as or even better than engine-equipped bikes, minus the sound.
In February 2011, "E Minimo" was established. We got started for the purpose of developing a vehicle—an EV bike with the same performance as engine-equipped bikes or even higher. As of the present, we have started to sell a two-wheeled EV for delivery, "BATORA201." The loaded driving stability and operability are the same as engine-equipped vehicles. Its climbing ability is powerful in comparison with engine-equipped vehicles.
"BATORA" is currently being driven with other gasoline vehicles.
It has been driven with engine-equipped bikes for about one year now by restaurants and newspaper shops that deliver. The users do not experience any problems, and, other than the need to charge the bike, it is used in the same manner as other engine-equipped vehicles.
The maintenance cost and fuel cost are about a third of engine-equipped vehicles.
Companies want to reduce vehicle costs and running costs. The running cost is the total cost of the vehicle, fuel, and maintenance. Our company also provides maintenance services and we take responsibility for the vehicle from the purchase to the disposal; that is, other than the electricity charge, we are responsible for our vehicles throughout their lives.