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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:56

D4c Academy Co.,Ltd.

Our company specializes in data analysis training.
We plan and manage employee training for companies that want to train their employees to become data scientists and data analysts.

We operate our Data Science Academy as a school for training data scientists, and provide a training curriculum for companies that want to incorporate AI, data analysis, and other data science technologies into their business to develop human resources who can understand all the procedures and methods of data analysis and carry out projects on their own.
In addition to the school, we also offer workshops to experience the basics of data analysis in a short period of time, lectures by data science experts, and so on. These services are used by customers in various industries such as manufacturing, banking, trading, telecommunications, and government and municipal offices.

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Data analysis human resource development training (school, workshops, lectures)
Our Data Science Academy is a school to train data scientists
We provide the curriculum of our Data Science Academy, a data scientist training school operated by our company, to enterprises that want to train their internal personnel to become data scientists, or want to utilize internal data.

Students at the Data Science Academy can systematically learn the knowledge necessary to become a data scientist through Web-based lectures and schooling (live lectures by instructors).

You can choose a curriculum to match the skills of the participants, and the start time and study hours can be customized to suit the convenience of your company.
Data analysis workshops (Python, statistics, machine learning, etc.)
These are hands-on workshops that we offer to companies wanting to learn more about the concept of data science and the usefulness of data analysis.

Over the course of half a day to several days, you will experience actual data analysis through hands-on activities.
We can adapt the learning content to meet various requirements, from data analysis using Excel to a short machine learning experience.
Dispatching lecturers to lecture sessions (AI, DX, data analysis, IT literacy, etc.)
We dispatch experts on data science as lecturers to give lectures that follow various challenges experienced by companies, such as introduction of AI, utilization of data, and promotion of digital transformation (DX). Online lectures are also available.

Feel free to send us your requests if you want to conduct training for managers to share the importance of data analysis, or want to know how data science can be applied to your business.