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Latest update: 17/03/2022 08:48:22

Igarashi Electric Works Limited

We are globally active in custom development of small DC motors.

We have strengths in custom development of small motors that meet the needs of our customers, and are active globally.

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Automotive Motor
Electronically controlled Throttle Valve
Automobile engines can be controlled by adjusting air intake by opening and closing throttle valves, controlled by operating the accelerator pedal. Traditionally, throttle valves have been connected to accelerator pedals with wires. Now, however, in order to improve fuel efficiency and produce cleaner exhaust, electronically-controlled throttle valves, which use motors to precisely open and close throttle valves in response to accelerator pedal movement, are widely used. We ware an early developer of electronically-controlled throttle valve motors, and has made improvements to its motors in order to ensure that they provide the performance required of them, even under difficult conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, and high levels of vibration. Our electronically-controlled throttle valve motors are used not only in four-wheeled vehicles, but also in motorcycles and have shipped a total of 300 million units.
Power tailgate
As sports utility vehicles and multi-purpose vehicles have become more prevalent, there has been an increase in demand for greater convenience, resulting in the growth of power trunks and tailgates. Igarashi Electric Works has taken on the challenge of creating motors with the power to open and close heavy tailgates, yet compact enough to be used within severely limited spaces. We have developed motors that are both compact and high-powered by using high-performance magnets. Although the number of vehicles used is still small, our cumulative number of shipments is expected to reach 100 million units by the end of 2021.
In addition to tailgates, we are also developing motors for automatic opening and closing of power sliding doors and other doors, and have a wealth of experience in introducing them.
A surprising number of motors are being used in passenger car seats. Motors in seat are used to adjust the position of the seat and backrest to reduce the burden on the driver or to maintain a comfortable driving posture.
Motors used in seats, which are the closest to people in passenger cars, are required to be quieter and more stable than other uses. Our cumulative shipments for this application have exceeded 100 million units.
Home Appliance Motor
Power brush for vacuum cleaner
Motors for home appliances
Vacuum cleaner power brush
The power brush mounted on the tip of the nozzle plays a role in increasing the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. The motor used here is required to have both small size and high torque.
Igarashi Electric Works, Ltd. has been developing motors for power brushes for over 30 years. It is no exaggeration to say that our motors are now used in most vacuum cleaners in Japan that are equipped with power brushes.

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[Business description / features]
Development, manufacture and sale of small DC motors.
With factories in China and India and sales offices in the United States and Germany, we are expanding our business globally. We are good at custom development according to customer's requirement.
In 2022, we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the company's establishment.

[Outline of major products / technologies / products / services / use cases]
We have many transactions with overseas automobile parts manufacturers, and we have strengths in fields such as electronically controlled throttle valves and electric tailgates.
In addition, for the Japanese domestic market, we have a large share of motors for vacuum cleaner power brushes.

[Certificate / License acquisition]
ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949

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