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Latest update: 01/11/2021 13:01:52

C.M.RISE Co.,Ltd.

We can provide consultations on comprehensive design support and from prototyping and processing to mass production of plastic and metal products!
You do not need troublesome assignments any more!

We are a trading company you can entrust with all your machining needs. Companies that used to ask various suppliers for prototyping and mass production processing, such as plastic processing or metal processing, as well as according to the processing method, can now use our company to gather everything up and place orders with a single company. You will also have the advantage of unifying the point of contact and meetings.

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Design and development, prototype machining, and mass-production machining
Prototype processing of plastic and metal products
Prototype processing
Plastics: Molding (optical molding, powder molding, 3D printing), cutting, vacuum casting, vacuum forming 
Metal: Cutting, casting, metal plates, pressing 
Circuit boards: Breakers and game circuit boards, electrical components
Molds for plastic products
We can produce prototype molds, which are often used to handle small lots for events, and form mass-production molds for mass production.
We can handle everything from small items that fit in the palm of your hand to large items such as automotive bumpers.
Original equipment, jigs, and inspection tools
We can handle from design to manufacturing of your unique original equipment, as well as jigs and inspection tools for product verification and inspection during mass production.




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