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Latest update: 10/08/2021 09:15:26

Smile Robotics, Inc.

We are a robotics startup founded by former Google engineers

Most of our engineers are from Google (SCHAFT), and our CEO has 20 years of experience in developing robots and Japan's leading expert in ROS (the author of the first book on ROS in Japan). We are a robotics startup backed by the technical capabilities in relation to robots.

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Sales Pitch

In-house product business: ACUR-C, a fully automatic table setting and clearing-up robot with an arm
Some features of our fully automatic table setting and clearing-up robot with an arm
These are some of the advantages of our robot in comparison with existing table-setting robots: 
The use of a robot arm means that it is not necessary for waiters and customers to move dishes between the robot and the table. 
The robot is autonomous, so there is no need for guides on the ceiling or floor, or remote control. 

Until now there has been no table-setting robot with a robotic arm, and our robot is the only one that can realize completely unattended table setting and clearing-up.
What our robot can do
A movable robotic arm to perform two fully automatic tasks of grasping and carrying. 

Arm (grasping) 
It is equipped with a SCARA-type arm with redundant degrees of freedom, and a low-output motor is used so it will not cause any injury even if it comes into contact with a person. A depth camera is used to perform 3D spatial recognition, and it can realize clearing-up operations, which are said to be highly difficult as the situation differs every time. 

Hand (grasping) 
The hand can be changed according to the tableware of the establishment where it is installed. In its initial state, by using a hand optimized for trays (patent applied for), restaurants that use trays can introduce the robot without having to develop a specific hand. 

Movement of the undercarriage (carrying) 
Our robot moves autonomously using laser-based SLAM to move smoothly and safely between the backyard and tables while avoiding obstacles and people.
What we want to achieve with our robot
Restaurants are suffering from labor shortages and rising labor costs as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. By enabling fully automated and non-face-to-face table setting and clearing-up, restaurants will be able to focus on hospitality, which only people can do. This will help restaurants evolve into a profitable condition.
Solution business: Joint development/joint research, contract-based development, consultation services
Joint development/joint research, joint contract-based development
For businesses that have any issues they want to solve using robots
Please let us know what your issues are. We will consider whether our robotics technology can resolve your issues. (Consult with us about the development budget, development period, development system, and so on.) 

For businesses that want to develop new products by integrating our robotics technology with their products 
It may be possible to generate new value by having your products start to move automatically based on our robotics technology. If you have a specific idea, we also welcome consultations from the brainstorming phase. 

For businesses that are developing robots, but have a technological area they lack themselves
We are especially good at developing software (especially in phases close to R&D). For example: 
Software development using ROS/ROS2
Software development for 3D environment recognition 
Service robot development 
Please feel free to consult us.
Consultation services
For businesses that want to use or are using robots: 
Support for making strategic plans for using robots 
Support for finding the most suitable robot according to the purpose
Attending technical meetings with robot manufacturers 
Consultation about designing operations using robots 
…and so on. 

For businesses that want to develop or are developing robots: 
Startup of a new robot development team 
Project management for robot development
Technical supervision and technical support for robotics business 
Providing advice when faced with problems that are difficult for your company's engineers 
Support for troubleshooting 
…and so on.


Autonomous clear up robot "ACUR-C" at a hotel's restaurant
Last update:28/04/2021
   Movement method:    	SLAM using laser
   Direction of movement:	Omnidirectional
   Passage width: 		800 mm
   Size:				770 mm x 430 mm x 1,350 mm
   Maximum speed:		3 km / h
   Maximum output (arm):	53 W
   Arm reach:			90 cm
   Load capacity:		27 kg
   Tray size: 			32 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm
   					(* 2 shelves, adjustable height)
   Climbing:			5 degrees
   Avoid obstacles:		LiDAR (360 degrees) + Depth camera
   Battery life:			5 hours
ACUR-C: Autonomous serving robot with an arm for restaurants.
Last update:06/01/2021

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