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Latest update: 03/06/2021 13:23:21

Environment Energy Co., Ltd.

~For the creation of a new recycling-oriented society~

Through the field of environment and energy technology, we make contributions to the solutions in promotion of  the happiness of mankind.

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HiCOP (High quality Catalytic cracking Oil from Plastics) System
HiCOP employs technologies with catalyst method to produce Hydrocarbon Oil in conversion from waste Plastics.
● Catalyst technology could utilize approximately 15% of produced hydrocarbon gas as heat source for endothermal reaction which improve productivity of sellable Hydrocarbon oil up to 80%. 
● Catalyst technology does not require de-chlorination facilities and detoxification combustion facilities , and also decoking treatment of reaction tank is not necessary, which gives significant cost reduction of the system.
● Catalyst technology demonstrate to produce Naphtha equivalent fluid up to 50% of total products which gives great possibility Plastic to Plastic recycle.
● Catalyst technology improve de-chlorination by using Alkali additives in the reactor, which results neutralize gas products with residual chlorine density less than 100ppm.
Advantages of catalyst technology over conventional pyrolysis
●Mixed Plastics (Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polystyrene) can be applicable.
●Materials with impurities such as chlorine and/or other plastics less than 5% in total can be used.
●Used catalyst can be used.
Specifications [Oil production device HiCOP-2000]
●Processing capacity  :  Maximum is  4.8t/day (200kg/h)
                                                         120t/month (25day,600h)
●Production volume   :   Maximum is  4,800L/day (200L/h)
●Waste plastic  :           3P (PP,PE,PS)
                                    The chlorine and PET and other impurities is less than 5%

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