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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:40


We have technology related to semiconductors and various sensors.

"Impress the customer!" We assuredly provide devices that can respond to the needs of customers with our unique technology and know-how and the ability of imagination.

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[Overview of the company]
[Major businesses and products]
We develop, manufacture, and maintain devices with high functionality on an order-made basis. Some of the devices we handle are used in conducting electrical characteristic tests on electronic components, semiconductors, and various types of sensors present in a variety of products around us, as well as in reliability tests to check the shape, size, seal condition, outer appearance, etc. of leads. Examples thereof include room temperature inspectors, high temperature inspectors, low temperature inspectors, taping, etc.  The know-how cultivated by our company is adopted for device development as our original technology and applied technology to realize the improvement of customers' productivity and to greatly contribute to the competitiveness of products.
[Specialty technology]
-Generation of ultra-low temperature cooling and high temperature heating environment from -55℃ to +175℃ for electrical characteristic tests of semiconductors and various types of sensors
-The technology for high-speed transfer and inspection of semiconductor components
[Major equipment]

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