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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:28


We mainly work on the coating of optical thin films with vacuum deposition and on scribe cutting. We can handle the examination of optical thin films and up to trial production and mass production processing.

Our strong points include the glass, lenses, and filters used for single-lens reflex cameras and other imaging equipment and electronic devices, medical equipment, and measuring instruments, as well as thin film generating technology for resin components and the cutting processing of glass.

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[Overview of the company]
[Major businesses and products]
-Thin film formation technology
Reflection preventing film (AR coat)
Half mirror coat with dielectric multi-layer film
Dielectric multi-layer film representing IR cut coat
Functional film (water-repellent coat, oil-repellent coat, electric charge prevention coat)
-Glass cutting and processing technology (scribe type)
-Applicable products
Imaging equipment
Electronic device
Medical equipment
Thin film formation on glass, lenses, and filters on measurement equipment
[Specialty technology]
-Coating technology using the vacuum deposition of a physical method (PVD) and the technology to form a variety of functional films such as water-repellent coating with low-temperature deposition in the ion assist method
-High accuracy glass cutting technology with computer control technology
[Major equipment]
-Vacuum deposition device
-Ultrasonic cleaning machine
-Precision cross surface glass cutter
-Hitachi spectrophotometer
-Surface reflection measuring instrument
-High temperature high humidity environmental measuring instrument

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