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Latest update: 19/10/2022 16:03:02

Komatsu DENGYO CO., LTD.

Manufacturer of a Broad Range of Industrial Machinery and Construction Machine Parts

Our company manufactures an extensive range of machine parts, from exterior components such as engine hoods and side covers to fuel tanks and driver's units such as driver's seats and head guards. Having bases outside of Japan, we can respond to a wide variety of customer needs. We contribute to the development of society by manufacturing various types of industrial machinery using a multi-process integrated system.

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Product Information
Engine Hood
This is an exterior part that protects the vehicle's power source. High strength is required for this part because it protects a precision machine.
Side Cover
Exterior parts are visible to the eyes, therefore, they must be well designed. We can create rounded forms by curve machining, deep drawing, or trimming with a 3D processing machine.
Operation Unit
We manufacture parts around the driver's seat for construction machinery. Over 1,500 different components, such as steering wheels and gas pedals, are assembled and manufactured in-house.
Fuel Tanks
The product is used to store the fuel for construction machinery. The inside of the fuel tanks we manufacture is coated with Dengyo Coat* to prevent rust.
*Dengyo Coat is patented.
Hydraulic Oil Tank
The product is used to store the fuel for hydraulic systems. Work equipment such as arms and shovels of construction machinery is operated by hydraulic drive. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the tanks are airtight and prevent foreign matter from getting inside.
Control Panel
We design and manufacture control devices for industrial machinery. The manufacture of control devices has been Komatsu Dengyo’s business since its establishment. Control panels, operation panels, distribution panels, servo panels, inverter panels, and terminal boxes, among others, are available.

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