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Integrated trading company and manufacturer

We handle all manner of plastic molding. Our support covers everything from material proposals, to shape design, trial production, and mass production. We have made use of various plastics, including general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, and recycled plastic materials.

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Total coordination on plastics
[Sales of recycled plastic raw materials] Spreading renewable resources that support a carbon-free society
We purchase and sell recycled plastic raw materials, using our function as a trading company.

In recent years, demand for recycled plastic raw materials has risen as awareness has risen toward a carbon free society and environmental issues, and manufacturers have recognized that recycled plastic is cheaper than virgin materials.

However, in many cases recycled raw materials cannot be used due to concerns about unknown source of origin, unknown physical properties, and stability of supply. 

Yagikuma has the know-how as a manufacturer to continue using recycled plastic raw materials, so we can provide advice not only from the perspective of a trading company, but also that of a manufacturer. Using channels Yagikuma has developed over the course of its 126 year history, we can introduce raw materials that customers can use with peace of mind.

Sales records for recycled plastic raw materials
FY2018: 3,000 tons
FY2019: 3,600 tons
FY2020: 3,500 tons
[Safety and Security Equipment Manufacturer] We will devote our full strength to supporting your manufacturing!
Yagikuma is also a manufacturer of safety and security products, bearing the mission to safeguard civil engineering works and highways. We have a cumulative sales record of more than 1 million units of blow-molded single-tube barricade “KY Plaguard”, and our water-injection type resin temporary guard barrier “KY Block” has won the Long Life Design Award.

Before launching branded products from our company, we conduct development, quality assurance, production, and sales as a unified organization, through various tests and verification processes, so that our products can be used with peace of mind even in the harsh environment of outdoor construction sites.
For this reason, we have established a system for us to respond as much as possible to requests for products with reliable quality, and reduce risk as much as possible.

If you wish to make a product or have other such requests, an idea is enough to begin with. Feel free to consult with us.
Using design and development capabilities cultivates over many years as a manufacturer, we will do our best to support manufacturing in a way that meets the needs of our customers.
[CFRTP Hybrid Molds]
We have realized mass production of PEEK resin in the medical field. PEEK resin has an excellent balance of chemical resistance, rigidity, and heat resistance. However, it is not a substitute for metal in terms of rigidity, so it is necessary to improve rigidity with hybrid molding.

With guidance from the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, we have worked on the Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program since 2018, and are developing hybrid molding technology using PEEK resin.

We are developing even better technology to over disadvantages such as difficulty in processing, high cost, productivity, and recyclability of carbon fibers, with hybrid molding using thermoplastic resin.


【安全保安用品総合カタログ】KY-Style Vol.6-1.pdf

ハイブリット成形 技術紹介チラシ.pdf


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