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Latest update: 24/08/2022 12:18:09

Kyokoku Printing Package Co.,Ltd

We are a printing company that excels at designing packages, boxes, handbags, paper bags, and so on

We are a printing company that specializes in designing all kinds of wrapping materials such as packages, boxes, shopping bags, paper bags, wrapping paper, sheets, and labels.

We have acquired many utility models, and value counseling. We repeatedly work to improve within the company, consider designs for sales with added value, and provide products that will satisfy you.

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Sales Pitch

Items handled
Packages and boxes
Sales and rates of obtaining contracts with suppliers are affected by the quality of packaging and box design.

We will propose design ideas for packaging and boxes that will catch the eye of customers and make suppliers want to handle them.

Achievements and examples
Cheesecake package of a sake brewery
Mail courier case
Box for hanging scrolls
Shopping bags, paper bags
Shopping bags and paper bags are moving advertising media for companies, stores, and other businesses.

We produce designs according to your needs. Leave it to us for the entire process from printing to bag-making.

Achievements and examples
Logo creation and other necessary items for store opening
Baba no Kashiwameshi (Grandma's chicken rice balls) souvenir stand bags made of textured kraft paper
Pleasant shopping bags with a stylish impression
Wrapping paper
Sales are influenced by the quality of the wrapping paper design, not to mention the perfection of the product itself.

We propose wrapping paper that makes the most of a product's characteristics by selecting a design that matches the product and suitable materials.

Achievements and examples
Logo creation and other necessary items for store opening
Scandinavian-inspired cake shop wrapping paper
Instagrammable cute wrapping paper
We also offer a full range of other printing services.

Stickers and labels
We propose stickers and labels that take advantage of the characteristics of your products by selecting designs and suitable materials that match your products.

Soft packaging
How about creating original soft packaging to enhance the image of your store or products?

Brochures and catalogs
Our services can be used for various purposes such as booklets, catalogs, folded brochures, company brochures, and free newspapers.

Posters and flyers
These are standard advertising tools. You can choose the appearance and size to match the paper for newspaper inserts, postal advertising, etc.

Cards and bookmarks
We can create any shape you prefer, from standard to original.

From general envelopes to window envelopes, you can choose according to your purpose.

We offer a wide range of calendars, including wall calendars, desktop calendars, and saddle-stitched booklet calendars.

We can produce original promotional materials such as fans, clear files, banners, and paper crafts.

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