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Latest update: 30/07/2021 15:43:55


We are mainly engaged in pressing processing, producing connectors, switches, and other metal parts

Our head office factory handles mold design, part manufacturing, and trial production, and mass production is carried out at our other three factories (Niigata Factory, Nagano Factory, and Komoro Factory). In addition, we have made use of our patents to succeed in using molded parts and metal parts in composite metal molding for assembly (provided as a trial product to our customer).

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[Overview of the enterprise]
[Description of the business]
Design, production, and sales of press dies (super-hard progressive dies and composite dies) 
Design, production, and sales of automatic machines and peripheral equipment 
Mass production by pressing
Machining various precision parts with NC machines, etc.
[List of products]
Composite products 
 We use a single die to assemble handlers, brushes, contact points, and other multiple parts and products that may require several steps. 
Bending parts 
 We are proud of our high reliability in special parts that require an extremely large number of bending processes. 
Contacts for connectors 
 General electronic components for computers, mobile phones, and so on account for 90% of our production. For large amounts of components, we are capable of producing many from one step, for production of 100 to 200 million pins per month. 
Lead frames, automotive connectors, and other special-purpose products 
 We are proud of our many achievements in lead frames, automotive connectors, and other special-purpose products. 
Components for making contact parts
 We provide precision machining of components for making contact parts and other fastening components using spring materials. 
 The technology, know-how, and experience we have cultivated for many years regarding drawing dies are essential for production. This level has not even been reached with the remarkable progress in design part processing equipment. 
 We can use a right-angle structure to directly attach pins on circuit boards, which saves space on circuit boards for other components. 
Contact pins for connectors 
 We have tip-machining technology with a pitch as narrow as 0.35mm for production at this level of precision. We realize high-speed production at our in-house factory.
[Strong points of our company]
Die design 
 We have introduced a CAD/CAM system and established an internal network between each factory, design office, and in-house processing site to quickly respond to customer needs. Design information is shared by connecting each NC machine on-line, which enables simultaneous progress at each worksite. 
Composite dies 
 Composite dies require the highest level of technology among all other metal pressing dies. We assemble components in the die for products that cannot be assembled by an automatic machine and products that require a large number of steps to assemble fine components. We perform pressing and assembly simultaneously at high speed to significantly reduce costs and machining steps.

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