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Latest update: 13/01/2022 14:35:01

MS Trading Co.,Ltd.

Business-use animation: A revolution in heart-moving presentations

We offer a one-stop service with everything from scenario creation to animation. We create business-use animations that easily convey the value of your products and the features of your services. 
We also offer marketing know-how including advertising on YouTube and social media. 
We can also handle whiteboard animations. 
We do not charge anything other than the video production fees, so please feel free to consult us.

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Business-use animation
Introducing products and services
Effective when explanations with words and pamphlets do not easily convey an image to the other party. 
For example, showing a 90-second video before you begin a business meeting or making a presentation can attract the client's interest. You can convey an overall image to the client before you start talking, so the business meeting can proceed smoothly. 
Moreover, the Web is an efficient way to improve awareness and attract customers when you post your commercial on your website.
Branding of company PR videos for recruitment, self-introductions, and so on
An animation that introduces your business, such as what products or services your company provides, is also effective for company PR when recruiting. 

Animations are also more effective in audience retention than other videos, so your PR will be more effective. 
Compared to words in a pamphlet, animation can communicate with applicants more directly. 

In addition, when you make an animation for the self-introduction of a manager, recruiter, or salesperson, it is easy to convey the "humanity" of that person, and even first-time viewers can feel a sense of familiarity with them.
In-house e-learning
Videos are also effective for regular in-house training updates to convey know-how in work situations like part-time and casual employment, where human resources are highly mobile. 

There is no need to shoot any live images and re-editing is possible, so creating one video can greatly reduce the burden on recruitment personnel. 

Moreover, if you employ a multinational workforce, you can simply change the language for them.