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Latest update: 29/03/2021 15:51:54


KAKEN TECH solves troubles that occur in the production process with its technology of cleaning, removing, and adhering.

Cleaning: Cleaning flux and paste stains on the mounting line
Removing: Cleaning and peeling off of painting jigs and paint pipes used in the painting process.
Adhering: The world's first conductive adhesive for conductive bonding of electronic components, etc.

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Cleaning DEMO --Flux collecting filter in reflow oven--
Last update:29/03/2021
Flux cleaner WS-923U can dissolve stuck flux completely in a few minutes.
let's check its cleaning ability!
Cleaning DEMO -- reflow oven parts--
Last update:29/03/2021
Burnt flux on reflow oven is removed with Kaken Clean DF-555U manufactured by KAKEN TECH!
confirm the amazing flux cleaning ability.
KakenClean series vs IPA -Which is the best one to clean Reflow oven?-
Last update:29/03/2021
Burnt flux on reflow oven is easily cleaned with Kaken Clean DF-series manufactured by KAKEN TECH!
Please confirm amazing flux cleaning ability.
KakenClean DF-555U : High cleaning ability and low odor bring comfortable work environment.
KakenClean DF-99U   : Good cleaning ability and mild odor type. Not classified as Dangerous Goods.
IPA : Poor cleaning ability, bad odor ...
Flux cleaning comparison】IPA vs FLUX CLEANER WS 923U
Last update:29/03/2021
trouble with white residue in flux cleaning of PCBs?
KAKEN TECH's flux cleaner WS-923U has the best solution for flux cleaning after manual soldering and in reflow oven.

Other presentation

*Business Description and Features* 
Development, manufacture and sale of the following products;
Cleaning equipment and cleaning agents for electronic circuits, components, printing plates, various metals, processed resin products, etc,
Functional adhesives (conductive adhesives),
Paint stripper and pre-coat agent for paint booths, wiping agent, dust adsorbent, cleaning agent for electrostatic clothes and robot suits, and
anti-static agents for printing.

*Summary of main products, technologies, goods, and services, and examples of their use*
Our flux cleaning system "MICROCLEANER" is used in the flux cleaning process, which is essential for ensuring the reliability of electronic circuit boards. Unlike semi-aqueous cleaning systems that use a large amount of water during the rinse process, MICROCLEANER is a flux cleaning system that not only reduces wastewater to zero, but also eliminates the need for wastewater treatment facilities. The proprietary rinse agent can be completely recycled within the system, resulting in less waste liquid, and because it dries more easily than water, energy consumption can be reduced by low drying temperature and short drying time.

*Certification and Authorization*
ISO 14001
ISO 9001

*Achievements in business and development with major companies*
[Removing and cleaning chemicals for automobile painting process]
Suzuki, Subaru, Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Industries Corporation, Toyota Auto Body, Toyota Motor East Japan, Toyota Gosei, Toyota Motor Kyushu, Toyota Boshoku, Nissan Motor, Honda Motor
[Cleaning agents and equipment for electronic circuit mounting process]
Alps Alpine, Ibiden, Kyocera, Glory, Sanken Electric, Shinko Electric, Sony, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Denso, Nichicon, Nidec, Panasonic, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Furukawa Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Minebea Mitsumi, Murata Manufacturing Company, Yokogawa Electric, Renesas Electronics ROHM

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