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Latest update: 15/09/2022 12:22:12

Nishitech, Ltd.

Company that designs and produces various automatic, labor-saving, as well as vacuum equipment, procures workpieces from overseas as well as domestic suppliers, and provides products for overseas as well as domestic clients   

We design, develop, and produce automatic, labor-saving, inspection, as well as test equipment for industrial purposes, and manufacture machined metal, resin, as well as can components for electrical equipment, automobiles, medical equipment, etc. Furthermore, we have firmly established a system for procuring workpieces from overseas as well as domestic suppliers, for providing products for overseas as well as domestic clients, and for guaranteeing their quality. We strive to achieve our operating principle of "Providing superior satisfaction for all the parties involved with our company."

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Description of business
Procuring workpieces from overseas and domestic suppliers
We have established confidential relationships with both domestic and overseas suppliers. Accordingly, we have adopted a system for collectively procuring workpieces meeting the needs of the client, from the optimum supplier, on behalf of client, and for delivering the workpieces, after checking their quality in strict in-house inspection.

- Procurement from overseas suppliers
In an early stage after our foundation, we started procuring workpieces from overseas suppliers, in addition to domestic ones. The procurement from overseas suppliers has allowed us to obtain a high reputation and deep trust in terms of aspects such as quality and delivery periods. 
<Suppliers and procured articles> 
- Malaysia (3 companies designing machines): Machining with a large-sized machine, precision machining, can manufacturing, and sheet-metal processing
- Taiwan (7 companies): Casting, precision machining, broaching, and large-sized canned products  
- China (10 companies): Precision machining, large-sized canned products, large-sized machined products, pressed components, and resin molded articles 
- Vietnam (3 companies): Precision machining 
- Korea (3 companies): Precision machined components, resin machined products, and large-sized precision machined products

- Procurement from domestic suppliers
We have established system networks with 75 optimum suppliers located in Japan who can meet clients' needs.
<Suppliers and procured articles> 
- 24 companies in the Kanto, Tohoku, Chubu, and Kansai regions: Large-sized machined products 
- 15 companies in the Kanto, Tohoku, and Kansai regions: Precision machined products
- 7 companies in the Kanto and Chubu regions: Canned products/sheet metal articles
- 6 companies in the Kanto, Chubu, and Kansai regions: Machined special materials
*Performing processes ranging from the procurement to processing of special materials including carbon and insulant
- 15 companies in the Kanto, Tohoku, and Chubu regions: Resin machined products 
- 8 companies in the Kanto and Tohoku regions: Surface treatment 
Design and production technologies
Production technology is a technology for transforming a drawing (idea) into a real product. The technology greatly affects the functions, quality, costs, and production speed of the product. The technology can be said to be the "heart" of manufacturing and the source of competitiveness. We assist clients in creating the "heart".
Conventional technologies composed of only gathered commercial items generate low added value and cannot make a difference. We think very carefully and continue to create revolutionary production technology. Therefore, we strongly believe that we can satisfy clients.  
<Examples of our production equipment>
- Cable core router
- Hose cutting machine
- Square wire feeder
- Asphalt cutter
- Equipment for recognizing laser marking & conduction
- Shape inspection device
- Washing apparatus
- Equipment for recognizing conduction
- Cable connection base
- Airtightness testing machine
Quality assurance
In order to provide clients with products they requested with satisfactory quality, our experienced staff inspects all products before they are shipped, regardless of the terms and conditions of suppliers. 

By thoroughly maintaining "no defective products" and executing management, we contribute to the reduction of workloads of clients' staff responsible for receiving inspection.

<Quality assurance policy>
1. Establishing confidential relationships with clients and subcontractors, and behaving responsibly.
2. Endeavoring to improve technologies and accumulate know-how so as to meet clients' expectations and needs.  
3. Implementing the "Three Reals Philosophy (actual place, actual part, and actual situation)" and analyzing activity results to continuously improve processes and products.
4. Maintaining good communication and a lively work environment.
Product information
Color sensor
A color sensor is a sensor for highly precisely distinguishing colors and designs (visual characteristics such as colors, patterns, texture, luster, and transparency) of parts and materials. 
- Thanks to our unique optical system and signal processing, the sensor can highly precisely distinguish subtle color differences which conventional sensors or cameras cannot distinguish.  
- The sensor can be freely customized. It can be used for various types of physical objects and incorporated in production lines.
- It takes multiple pictures while lights are switched on and off. This increases the number of feature values with high significance, improving distinction precision.
- A camera is integrated with lighting equipment, eliminating disturbance from the outside to increase the significance of feature values.
- The camera is used as an aggregation of optical sensors, and statistical processing allows feature values with high significance to be obtained. 
Our website shows examples of distinction for which the color sensor can be used. Please refer to the website when considering the introduction of the sensor.

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