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Latest update: 30/09/2021 18:41:52

Shinbiosis Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

Applying technology for ultra fine bubbles (UFB) that will not disappear for 10 years or more to new material development

Water and air are substances that neither humans nor microorganisms see as foreign substances. It has been more than 20 years since we were fascinated by the potential of ultra fine bubbles made using only these two materials. Since succeeding at development of bubbles that remain for more than 10 years (NanoGAS™), we have made attempts to control the size of bubbles and their encapsulating substances, with the aim of realizing practical applications for medical care, sanitary environments, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries.

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Ultra fine bubble (UFB) generation technology, distinguished by long-lasting stability and the small size of bubbles
Example Applications
Our company has developed revolutionary ultra fine bubble generation technology, which solves the issue of long term stability of bubbles.
1) More than 30% of bubbles remain even 10 years after bottling.
2) Can be stored in PET bottles, so there is no need to use special storage containers
3) Preparation of liquid containing a high volume of ultra fine bubbles, with peaks at several nanometers to several tens of nanometers
4) It is not necessary to use the liquid immediately after bubbles are generated, so it can be applied to small products
5) Our technology applies a simple rotary shear system, making installation of equipment easy and inexpensive.
These are the advantages offered by our technology.

There are many different applications for stable ultra fine bubbles, and they are sure to be useful for your company’s product development.
[Example Applications]
Solvents for cosmetics (promotes absorption of active ingredients, water retention)
For cleaning liquids for nano-scale filth (cleans without damaging material, conserves water)
Water supply for agricultural products (promotes growth)
For keeping the freshness of food (suppresses oxidation), etc.
Record of Deliveries
Selling solvent water to companies which handle fecal microbiota, with the purpose of protection with bacteria
Providing drinking water to medical institutions with the purpose of suppressing oxidative stress
Providing solvent water to cosmetics company A, as a highly permeable lotion
Selling bubble generators for solvent production to cosmetics company B
Selling bubble generators for generation of beverages with reduction power to beverage company C

We also provide materials to universities engaged with us in joint research, and provide samples for various fields, including environmental hygiene, agriculture, and the livestock industry.
Difference from similar technologies of rival companies
Liquids containing ultra fine bubbles (UFB) are negatively charged, and they increase the dissolution efficiency of gases and other substances. Using these properties, we can expect the following effects.

Negatively charged UFB adsorbs organic filth and makes efficient cleaning possible
UFB water, which contains only water and gas, can be used to clean without damaging material, so material does not have to be replaced as frequently.
UFB with low redox potential helps to maintain the freshness of food and reduce food loss.
Increases the dissolved amount of certain gases, such as oxygen and nitrogen, accelerating the growth speed of agricultural and marine products.

Another technical feature unique to our company is the long-term stability of bubbles.
With this, we can expect to achieve the following productivity improvements.
Manufactured UFB water can be transported in small lots, so it is not necessary to install equipment at each use site, making it more economical
The expiration date after manufacturing can be made longer, so as not to waste water resources.

Besides providing technology at ultra fine bubble (UFB) manufacturing plants, we can also provide small lots and transportation for small businesses and use at home.



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