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Latest update: 21/07/2022 15:55:50

Share Wis Co.,Ltd.

We are a company that provides a strong learning management system for online testing

We provide an EE-LMS (Extended Enterprise Learning Management System) that allows you to deliver and sell online courses and exams to external customers.

You can digitize activities that are essential to your business to deliver knowledge and know-how, such as training for distributors and other partners, selling learning content and examinations to customers, and customer training for success.

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WisdomBase Extended Enterprise Learning Management System
This is an EE-LMS (Extended Enterprise Learning Management System) that allows you to create an environment for delivering and selling online courses and exams to external customers. It lets you convert paper-based exam operations and face-to-face training offerings to online delivery with a flexible system and full support.

Features of WisdomBase
(1) Strong for examinations
Many general LMSs provide a simple quiz function to check comprehension.
WisdomBase is capable of conducting full-scale online examinations that can be taken simultaneously by several thousand people in addition to simple tests.

(2) A wealth of functions
An EE-LMS that also includes external stakeholders as learners requires richer functionality than typical in-house employee e-learning (HR-LMS).

WisdomBase can build an ideal EE-LMS environment by utilizing a wealth of functions, from authentication functions such as SSO support to the posting of a wide variety of content.

(3) Generous support
WisdomBase provides you with dedicated support, so you can feel assured even if you are not sure you can use the system or don't know where to start.

A wealth of experience in deliveries
Many companies have successfully used WisdomBase for the digital transformation of their learning services.

Osaka Business Development Agency
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Daiwa House Group
Nippon Life Insurance Company
Hitotsubashi University
ShareWis online learning platform
This is an online learning platform that offers a Snack Course with short 90-second videos for people who want to learn quickly, and a Pro Course for those who want to improve their skills in earnest.

With about 100,000 members, it is one of the largest online learning platforms in Japan.

<What kind of service is ShareWis?>

(1) Quick learning with the 90-second Snack Course
You can learn with short, 90-second videos.
Turn your spare time into learning time.

(2) Improve your skills in the Pro Course taught by professionals
For content that attracted your interest in the Snack Course, you can learn more deeply in the Pro Course.
Learn skills from professional instructors in various fields.

(3) Anytime, anywhere with the smartphone app
You can take the Snack Course and Pro Course through the smartphone app.
Install the app and use ShareWis on your smartphone.

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